We here at Big Power Water are on the forefront of bottling your own water. Every year millions of water bottles are made and only 2% are recycle. We have a surplus of wasted plastic that ends up in polluting our water and damaging our environment. 

The Big Power Water Company produces a full range of vortex generators that, using natural principles and fluid dynamics, restore vigor to your ground, well, or city water by recreating the kinetic and energetic properties of rainwater. 

In other words, through the vortex, the primary force of nature, they cause a profound increase in water’s molecular spin at the time and point of use. When placed into service on your water line, they work by dramatically enhancing and accelerating the motion of water molecules as they pass through. We might boldly suggest that it actually does a better job at this than gravity. 

They effectively address the fact that, while water is always in motion, its rate of motion is subject to slowing down relative to its state while traveling, as you might stop to rest after running for a period of time. 

This is important because every water molecule has a subtle magnetic field, which is referred to as paramagnetic. In the same way that electricity is always present where magnetism is present, a piezoelectric energy is present with with water’s paramagnetic field. These subtle forces determine whether cells get charged with energy, and whether waste byproducts are taken out. 

Mainstream information on hydration is not only space, its misleading. 

Hydration happens inside the cell, where complex molecules do not and cannot go. Water is the only fluid for hydration. Even then, it must be at a micro clustered, high spin-state when you’re ready to use it, like rain is. This is why farmers have always preferred rainwater. They see immediate growth they don’t see with regular group water. 

We service & repair ANY & EVERY BRAND of water system, Reverse Osmosis, Water softener & Well Water Systems. 

With over 10 years of experience, our certified team has seen it all. 

Don’t hesitate to call us with any concern you might have with ANY of your water filtration systems.